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Web Design

A presence on the internet is a crucial commodity for any brand.

Graphic Design

We offer any type of Graphic Design your business needs to make it succeed!

Professional Graphical Marketing Solutions to Make Your Business Grow!

Greenhouse Digital, is home to a highly eclectic group of individuals with a strong passion for the fine line betweeen structure and art.

- Mike B. - Owner/Artist
We strive to give you the creative solution you need to market your brand at the top level. We have mastered our craft to make sure every design that we do is perfected down to the smallest detail.
Greenhouse Digital offers all your Graphic and Web design needs. We specialize in creating a custom corporate identity that portrays your message and executes the solution to gain a immediate response from your target market.  
Greenhouse Digital offers the personal approach from a small design company , with the creative and design capacity of a large firm.We work hand and hand with print companies, screen printers, and all vendors on your behalf to ensure that the vision and campaign is carried out with precision printing.

Design & Fufuillment Process

We offer custom design with thought and purpose. Greenhouse digital will walk you through the process starting with the concept of your product to completing with the factory, or printer straight to the hands of your clients.


In the first stage we concept the strategy and set goals for the primary focus of your project.


The second stage is where we creatively develop the look and feel of  your project .


Final adjustments and pre-production preparation artwork is executed in the third stage.

Production & Finishing

In the final stage production as well as projects are finalized and the campaign is launched.


The briefing stage may consist of either or both of the following:

  • Initial informal discussions between you, the client, and your designer – covering project objectives, timing and budget.
  • Formal meetings to discuss your project in detail and clarify any technical issues including budget, timetable and corporate identity guidelines.
  • The designer reviews the brief, background material and identity standards to ensure understanding of the project context and your corporate requirements.
  • The designer develops the draft concepts and preliminary designs and selects the most appropriate options for further development.
  • The designer presents visual solutions and explains design decisions.
  • Together you will evaluate the visual presentation against the brief.
  • Following your review and feedback, the designer amends the material as required and, if necessary, presents you with new design(s).
  • Your designer prepares the artwork files and provides a proof (email or hardcopy).
  • You either approve the artwork by signing the proof, or mark-up changes you’d like to make.
  • A further proof is provided if required.
  • Any “author’s corrections” (client requested changes to content already provided which may include additional charges: these should be detailed in any quote conditions provided with your initial quote).
Production & Finishing

The designer forwards the artwork to a commercial printer.

  • The designer views the printer’s proof and passes the proof on to the client for approval.
  • In some cases, the designer can conduct a “press check” of the printed sample while the job is running on the printing press.
  • For Screen Printing, We will need to create color separations before going to screen.